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Collin Edington explains Organs-on-Chips in BYUradio interview

Collin Edington, PhD, represented the PhysioMimetics team in an interview on the Top of Mind with Julie Rose radio show on BYUradio. Collin’s segment begins at 51:00.
Top of Mind with Julie Rose on BYUradio, 6/21/2016 episode


Before a drug makes it to market, it’s typically been tested for years on isolated cells in a petri dish and in various animals before clinical trials on humans take place. The process is lengthy, expensive and not as efficient as we’d like it to be. It’s a big leap from testing a drug on liver cells in a dish to testing it on a rat to seeing it actually work in the complicated environment of a human body. To address that disconnect – and eliminate the need for animal testing – cutting edge research happening at Harvard and UC Berkeley and MIT has figured out how to create miniature human organs – livers, hearts and lungs – inside tiny plastic chips the size of a thumb drive or smart phone.  The ultimate goal is to string a bunch of these organs-on-chips together with channels for blood and fluids to pass and basically replicate the entire human body in miniature.